Heal the hurt naturally

Arnica is one of Europe’s most popular herbal remedies for sprains, strains, swelling, bruising and arthritic joints. Now Australians are discovering the amazing healing properties of this bright yellow daisy-like flower.

If arnica was stocked in every first-aid box, gym bag, office, travel suitcase, glove box and handbag, countless hours of pain and aggravation could be saved! A premium-healing remedy, it can minimise bruising, swelling, shock, pain and recovery time after most traumatic and not-so-traumatic injuries. These include the following:

General bumps and bruises

If your family is busy and active outdoors, with plenty of bike rides, rollerblading, skateboarding and ball sports on the weekends, then you’ll be familiar with the frequent bumps and bruises that are a natural part of a sporty lifestyle. Anecdotal reports reveal that using arnica can help to relieve overall pain, as well as heal bruising quicker than normal.

Arthritic joints
Apply arnica topically to inflamed joints to help reduce swelling, stiffness and pain. For added effectiveness, you can combine the use of arnica with hot compresses.

Sports injuries and prevention

The healing properties of arnica are useful for minimising the effects of tissue damage and reducing muscle ache that can occur from overexertion. Common sports injuries, such as muscle strain and sprains that lead to pain and inflammation, can also be treated effectively with arnica.

If you are training for a big sporting event, such as a marathon, warming up and cooling down will be an integral part of your training program. Help look after your muscles and avoid injury by treating them with arnica before and after training.

When bumps and bruises are accompanied by cuts or open wounds then topical application of arnica is not recommended. However oral arnica spray or pilules can be used. Pilules are tiny tablets that are ideal for administering to young children, as they can be placed just under the tongue to dissolve.