Research update – new hope for fatigue sufferers

Two Australian scientists have discovered a potential new therapy set to revolutionise the management of fatigue. Professors Tim Roberts and Hugh Dunstan from the University of Newcastle have studied fatigue for almost 20 years. Professor Roberts says “We have studied the biochemistry of people with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, and found a common biochemistry in these conditions, called the catabolic state. This is where the metabolism of the individual shifts from gaining energy from normal metabolism to digesting its own tissue proteins to produce energy.” Since the body swings into the catabolic state to fight infection, if the cause of the catabolism is not cleared up, the body eventually runs out of essential nutrients, in particular amino acids. Amino acids circulate at constant levels in your blood and whenever a cell wants to build a protein, it takes the amino acid from the blood. When you digest protein from food such as meat, amino acids get restocked in your blood. Sometimes, however, stress hormones that result from chronic infection or competitive sports can prevent digestion. When protein is not digested, the only way to restock amino acids is to break down muscle protein, which causes muscle wasting and fatigue.

The Newcastle group hypothesised that people in this chronic catabolic state would benefit from supplementation with amino acids and they worked with Newcastle-based Top Nutrition company and Fatigue reviva was created; a unique blend of amino acids in the correct format and a unique delivery system, together with vitamins and minerals. Formulated to provide energy support in times of fatigue, chronic tiredness and stress, the Professors also believe Fatigue reviva may aid concentration in students, generate energy during exercise and assist in repair, particularly the tendons and muscles of elite athletes and even improve digestive processes in the elderly.

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