Dragon Fruit has the most amazing colour – somewhere between red, magenta, hot pink and purple. It has a subtle sweet taste, reminiscent of kiwi, strawberry and pear combined and is being hailed as the new superfood.

Our dragon fruit is sourced from a farmer’s cooperative south of Ho Chi Minh or Saigon to the locals. Uncle Hoūng coordinates the cooperative where a number of smaller family based farms located with common boundaries combine their harvest to provide commercially viable quantities in order to meet the demand for this amazing super food.

The plants are from the same family as prickly pear and the fields look like an eccletic mass of cactus plants to the untrained eye. Rows of electric light bulbs strung amongst the plants would also amuse the unaware observer but serve to lengthen the flowering and then fruiting season for the plants. Visiting the farms is a gentle and sometimes surreal experience where motor scooters carrying impossible loads contrast with ducks wandering through the understory on weed and insect patrol, all against the background of perpetually smiling local people.

This positive spirit shines brightly in Vietnam and after enduring more than a century of aggression it is inspiring to see such tenacity and a commitment to not sweat the small stuff. A favourite highlight of these trips is the frequent house visits complete with mandatory cool tea and fresh coconut water.

Dragon Fruit ticked everything on our dream list:

  • High in PhytoNutrients – These are the naturally occurring chemicals within a plant that help protect it. PhytoNutrients, when consumed by us, work in synergy with each other, to help with a multitude of systems and functions within our bodies which lead to biochemical reactions with a bounty of healthful outcomes.
  • Dragon Fruit contains Vitamin C, several B vitamins, calcium, vitamin A, iron, phosphorous, protein and is high in dietary fibre.
  • Contains Lycopene – A powerful anti-carcinogenic, which is responsible for the vibrant colour of the dragon fruit.
  • Rich in Phytoalbumins which help fight carcinogenic free – radical formation in the body.
  • The seeds of the dragon fruit are high in polyunsaturated fats – omega 3 and omega 6.

Nourishmii Dragonfruit is now available in store!


Source: http://nourishmii.com.au/